Exciting Upgrades at Napa Skyline’s Lower Course

We are thrilled to share some exciting updates about our courses at Napa Skyline Park. As many of you know, we have two fantastic courses: the Upper Technical Course and the Lower Beginner-Friendly Practice Course. Each offers a unique experience for players of all skill levels.

Over the years, the Lower Course has seen numerous changes. We frequently move baskets and pads to keep the course fresh and exciting. However, these changes sometimes make navigation a bit tricky for newcomers. Despite this, the variety and challenge it offers make it a popular spot for both beginners and experienced players.

Two workers leveling freshly poured concrete in a circular form for a new tee pad, with a cement mixer truck in the background.
Valley Concrete & Ironworks LLC

Over the past couple of weeks, the club has initiated a major upgrade to the Lower Course: the installation of new circular concrete tee pads. These innovative tee pads are designed not only for durability but also to enhance the flexibility and visibility of our course. The circular design allows us to position baskets around a full 360-degree angle, offering endless possibilities for changing up the course layout. This means we can frequently refresh the playing experience while maintaining consistent, high-quality tee pads.

A particularly exciting feature of these new tee pads is the addition of glow rocks embedded around the border. These glow rocks will illuminate the tee pads during glow rounds, creating a unique and enjoyable experience for our night-time disc golfers. This upgrade ensures that the tee pads are not only functional and adaptable but also visually striking, enhancing the overall aesthetic and usability of the course.

Stay tuned for more updates as we complete this exciting project. We can’t wait for you to experience the new and improved Lower Course at Napa Skyline Park!

The project, led by Mathew Browne of Valley Concrete & Ironworks LLC, is well underway. Several concrete tee pads have already been installed, with more currently in development. We anticipate that the project will be completed by mid July, although we prefer not to set a firm deadline to ensure the highest quality of work.

Below, we’ve included some images from the construction process, showcasing the hard work and dedication going into these upgrades. Thank you to the hard work from Mathew and the volunteers who helped plan and execute this excellent development!

See you on the course!

Business card for Mathew Browne, Valley Concrete & Ironworks LLC, with contact details.


Two workers smoothing the surface of a newly poured circular concrete tee pad.
MB finishing the surface of a concrete tee pad under a shade canopy to protect it from the sun.

The finished circular concrete tee pad, roped off with caution tape to allow it to cure. The completed tee pad at night, with embedded glow stones illuminating the perimeter. A close-up of the concrete tee pad, showing the detailed edge with embedded decorative glow in the dark elements.

Workers preparing the site for a new tee pad, with a rebar grid laid out and a cement mixer truck ready to pour.

Two workers leveling freshly poured concrete in a circular form for a new tee pad, with a cement mixer truck in the background.

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