Light Up the Night with Glow Dubs at Napa’s Skyline Wilderness Park!

Craving some weekly adventure? Skyline Wilderness Park’s lower course has got you covered! Join us every Thursday night for an unforgettable glow-in-the-dark experience as part of Napa Glow League’s rotating series featuring both Glow Dubs (doubles) and Singles. With state-of-the-art solar-powered lights and a community of enthusiastic players, each week offers something new. Here’s everything you need to know.

Event Details

Weekly Rotation and Time Changes

  • Day: Every Thursday
  • Time: Check-in at 6:45 pm, Start at 7:00 pm (Note: Starting November 9th, the event will switch to 5:00 pm due to the time change)
  • Location: Skyline Wilderness Park’s Lower Course
  • Format: Rotates between Glow Dubs and Singles

Teams, Singles, and Tags

  • When it’s a Glow Dubs week, teams are formed by matching A and B players through a random draw.
  • During Singles weeks, it’s every player for themselves!
  • Other than during Bag Tag events, tags shake up on the cards.
  • A modest buy-in of $5 gets you into the game, with an optional $1 ace pot.
  • Tags are $20 and will be in play for two seasons.

Revolutionary Solar-Powered Lights

We’re proud to feature innovative solar-powered lights from DISC in the DARK at every event. These lights set a new standard for glow-in-the-dark disc golf. Your ongoing feedback helps us make the experience even better!

Special Features

Occasional Sponsorships

Keep an eye out for special sponsorship nights from organizations like Upstage Productions, which take the evening to a whole new level!

Exclusive Glow League Tags

Adding an extra glow to the game are our special Glow League tags. These tags cost $20, glow in the dark, and are planned to be in play for two seasons. They are awarded based on raw score during Bag Tag rounds.

Divisional Play for Payouts

To keep the competition spicy, we offer division play for payouts, ensuring that every week offers a new challenge and opportunity.

Wrapping It Up

Join us every Thursday night for a mix of Glow Dubs and Singles play, ensuring a unique and exciting experience each week. Whether you’re a regular or it’s your first time, Skyline Wilderness Park is the place to be for glow-in-the-dark thrills.

See you this Thursday—Let’s Glow!

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Light Up the Night with Glow Dubs at Napa’s Skyline Wilderness Park!


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